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2017 No Barriers Summit w/Ms. Wheelchair America 2017 and Ms. Wheelchair California 2017

The No Barriers Summit is a premiere immersive event that brings together people of all abilities who are transcending barriers to unleash their fullest potential and live a life of purpose. The Summit provides inspirational storytelling, curriculum to live by, authentic experiences, a showcase of innovations to prove that anything is possible, and connection to others who will help you get from where you are to where you want to be. This is all packaged in a four-day event that feels like an outdoor festival and has the energy of a live concert. No Barriers is an inclusive community and the entire Summit experience is accessible. This event is for anyone interested in breaking barriers within themselves, their communities, and maybe the world.

Thanks to generous donors and a scholarship from No Barriers, Ms. Wheelchair America 2017 and Ms. Wheelchair California 2017 will be attending the summit! Get the opportunity to meet and learn more about Eliza and Tayloure's important advocacy work for people with disabilities.

Ms. Wheelchair America 2017 - Eliza McIntosh

Eliza is eager to serve the community and provide mentorship for living with a disability across the nation. She will use her platform: Where there is wheel, there is a way – identify your passion, invite people to join you, and ignite your community behind you – to guide her advocacy efforts throughout her reign.

While traveling the country, she will also empower and serve as a spokeswoman for the disability community as a whole. Eliza uses a wheelchair for mobility because she has Spinal Dysgenesis and is paralyzed from the waist down. However, she does not let the diagnosis stop her. She lives life to the fullest and aims to shine a positive light on disabilities.

Ms. Wheelchair California 2017 - Tayloure Richardson

Tayloure is no stranger to opposition. This was proven by the time she had completed her internship program in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. From her internship program to college campus and even to simply enjoying the night out, wheelchair accessibility was limited. Yet, Tayloure faced that challenge with the same attitude she's had her whole life - with optimism, courage, and tenacity.



What barriers do you face? This question lies at the heart of our organization. Whether in our personal lives, at work, or in our communities, we all face challenges that can prevent us from reaching our full potential. At No Barriers, we believe that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way. No Barriers empowers people of all walks of life to overcome obstacles, live a life of purpose, and give back to the world, all through our ground-breaking curriculum, the No Barriers Life.

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