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An Advocates Journey

I serve to increase the visibility of people with disabilities within our society. As a mother, educator, researcher, advocate and adventurist with both a physical disability and as a person with a cerebral palsy accent, I am a positive role model for people with disabilities.


I am committed to transforming social response, advancing public policy and strengthening community collaborations for people living with disabilities in our quest for education, transportation, employment, housing, parenthood and dignity. Through mentorship, public appearances, educational presentations, media exposure, and public policy forums, I actively work to humanize the day-to-day life of people living with disabilities. I believe that cultivating leadership skills within the disability community is an essential component to breakingdown social and political barriers.


My publications and presentations span a range of topics, including sexuality and disability, advancing reproductive healthcare for people with disabilities, recognizing abuse in the disability community, parental rights for parents with disabilities, embracing disability, discovering one’s personal power, successful living with a disability across a lifespan, advocacy, travel and disability inclusion, as well learning how to market a disability as a workforce asset. My tenacity and perseverance fuels my passion for this work and guides my path for eradicating ignorance. 

- Alette Coble-Temple, PsyD

My Journey
Parental Rights Include Disability Equality
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