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"Fear is the emotion that

should signal you to learn more.

Open that door and

discover what you don’t know."

For me, disability is an asset - a source of strength and creativity that gives me an edge when it comes to personal and professional achievement. The creativity I use to turn potential obstacles into resources can work for anyone who desires to make what sets them apart or challenges them into a strength.

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"Dr. Alette Coble-Temple rocked the house as the special guest speaker at our Empowerment Breakfast! She brought a deep understanding (and built the audience awareness) of how having a disability does not in any way equal a lack of ability. We have officially added Dr. Coble-Temple to our Project HIRED team"

Sharon Winston,


"Fantastic, inspiring, and thought provoking. Everyone is talking about it in the halls today and many teachers have stopped me and said that the kids are writing about what they learned and having great discussions in the classroom. What a great ambassador you are. Thanks for showing the kids that there is no limit to what they can accomplish, no matter the circumstances!"

Jenny Ryan, School Psychologist

Jerrold Yeo, M.A. Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology Graduate School of Professional Psychology University of Denver

"Dr. Coble-Temple is charming and witty. She has the ability to engage and motivate the audience thorough her advocacy for disability issues. She was very thorough in her presentation and we love the way she made us become more aware of our surroundings."

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