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SHHHH...We are talking about sex!

Today is a day of celebration! It is Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness Day and International Day of Women's Health.

Held annually on February 12 every year, this day is an opportunity to raise awareness about Sexual and Reproductive health issues as well as International Women’s Health. This allows us to become enlightened on the education behind the spread of sexually transmitted infections, disability abuse, sexual health, women's rights, and the reproductive system. With health concerns rising every year, it is vital that we participate as a community and initiate research. If we use resources for these issues then there is hope for more programs and studies for Women’s Health. Sexually transmitted infections continue to be one of the major public health concerns to date. The main focus that health awareness events aim for is to help save lives that can further halt any conditions from becoming more serious Having a disability does not mean we don't need sexual and reproductive health awareness. There are times that people assume that individuals with a disability are not sexually active. However, research has shown that individuals with a disability can be just as sexually active as someone who does not have a disability. Despite this, too often their sexuality has been ignored and their reproductive rights, denied. At best, most existing policies and programs concentrate on the prevention of pregnancy but ignore the fact that many persons with disabilities will eventually have children of their own. At worst, forced sterilization and forced abortion often have been imposed on persons with disabilities. This must stop.

Here are a few goals that I want to share with everyone regarding the advocacy for International Day of Women’s Health Awareness Day: • Inform and empower women to take responsibility for their health • Encourage women to understand their health options • Identify services, resources, and products that best help them prevent poor health, which reduces the number of health issues and creates health equity Always remember that together we can make a difference!

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